28 May

Aquila Marketing on the Powers of Staying ‘In Touch with Consumers

The name Aquila Marketing didn’t come out of nowhere as the entire thrust of this hugely successful direct marketing company is just that, staying in touch with the pulse of consumer activity. According to Michelle Uhlhorn, director of Aquila Marketing, “The thing that is sorely missing in many companies’ bid to increase their market share is in actively seeking what it is that the customer truly wants. Once you have a handle on that, you have the ability to outsell the competition and make a real name for yourself within your industry.”


Michelle goes on to explain that the true path to success lies in improving the customer experience. She has found over the years that less emphasis should be placed on analysing their behaviour and much more time spent ‘in touch’ with them, face to face. “Measurements are good and have their place,”Michelle explains, “but what is often lacking is a real effort to understand them. Study after study proves that today’s millennial craves engagement with the brands they deal with and that only comes about with dialogue. Less time on measuring their activity and more time spent communicating is what is called for if you truly want to stay in touch as we do.”


Each customer is on a journey and many take the same path. However, without talking to them you’ll never know why they are on the road they are on and what it is that urged them to make the purchases they make and refusing others that would have seemed a good match. Top performing companies understand just how important it is to WOW their customers which forms a bond that is prerequisite to true loyalty.


Instead of spending time addressing any issues the customer may have had, isn’t it better to allocate that time to finding ways to improve that customer’s experience? What may result is a reduction in cost and enhanced quality of product and service. ‘Fixing’ something that is broken adds to the overall operating cost but finding a smooth customer journey that necessitates no fixes will significantly increase profits accordingly.


“We like to use the analogy of an automobile. If you are out to buy a previously owned vehicle and get it for less than the book value but spend twice the amount you saved making repairs, you’ve saved nothing. On the other hand, if you buy a used vehicle that is slightly over priced but needs no repairs and little maintenance you’ve saved a small fortune,” Michelle says. This is analogous to the total customer experience. Why pay customer service reps a hefty salary to ‘fix’ broken relationships when it would be much more cost effective to design ways to improve the customer experience from the outset?

Want to grow your bottom line and increase customer loyalty? Aquila Marketing says that the only road to success is to stay in touch with your audience. Only then will you be able to say you’ve truly given the customer what they want, your loyalty to their needs. Loyalty begets loyalty so it’s time to do something about it. Improve the customer experience and you’re home free.