01 May

Aquila Marketing Opened Up in Leicester!


Each and every day, women are becoming influential individuals in exciting and thriving positions/careers. Authors, scientists, astronauts, entrepreneurs and businesswomen. Each woman has a story to tell and has started to take on the world little by little. Recently, Michele Uhlohorn, Managing Director of Aquila Marketing opened up a new office in Leicester. This is such an exciting move. “The opportunity to be able to open a firm in a new location that has the potential to strike up success from every angle is ideal for Aquila Marketing,” says Michelle Uhlohorn of Aquila Marketing. Michelle Uhlohorn also mentions, “The reason why Leicester is such a great place for this company is because usually, people would open in the capital, London. However being a bit away, the business rates are a little lower than those in dominated cities like London, and we can tap into a source with equal and immense potential. It is one of the factors that gives us the upper edge in our industry.”


Apart from this brilliant move and the new start of Aquila Marketing, Michelle Uhlohorn also mentions how incredible this opportunity is, especially being a woman in the business world. “The business community is dominated by powerful, competitive men and women. The main aspect that keeps me going and has allowed me to remain competitive myself is that I am always learning and I am ambitious. It’s been my goal and dream to be able to own a business” says Michelle Uhlohorn of Aquila Marketing. It’s important to understand that success does not come easy, it looks easy from the top, but behind the screen, it’s about conquering every little battle each step of the way. “You, as an individual and woman have to believe you’re the best and go forth with that mentality and be a go-getter ladies and gents,” mentions Michelle Uhlohorn of Aquila Marketing.


It’s been so empowering to be able to open up Aquila Marketing, and we have learned a lot. We are continuing to put forth our best for clients, and so far the results have been excellent. We are an outsourced agency that focuses on our clients and customers needs. That’s the most important aspect to us. Our firm concentrates on the growth and benefits for the company and the business partners that work here. We follow the motto that no one gets left behind. This is something that makes us different. Our approach and perspective on strategies is unique, tailored and continually seeing results. “It’s been a tremendously satisfying experience so far, and I know there is so much more to come our way!” says Michelle Uhlohorn of Aquila Marketing. One step at a time, as a boss lady and with an excellent group of individuals, Aquila Marketing has been and is ready to take on the marketing world. We look forward to seeing what’s next!