01 Oct

Aquila Marketing Shares Insight: Strong Women Never Let Other People’s Expectations Put Them Down

Everyone has expectations and views of themselves. However, other people have expectations for others. If you’re a man, you have specific expectations that society labels you within, and if you’re a woman, it’s the same. “These expectations are made by our society to separate men and women — but when society will understand that equality is what makes us stronger, that’ll change things around here,” says Michelle Uhlhorn, managing director of Aquila Marketing. It’s very hard managing expectations of others and extremely disruptive. There are so many opinions, and ways to do things. Everyone expects something of someone in a certain role. “The best thing to do is to take these opinions and advice, listen to them and utilise them to make yourself stronger,” says Michelle Uhlhorn of Aquila Marketing.

At Aquila Marketing, we love the recent movie that came out — Wonder Woman. This movie is the definition of a woman doing her own thing even though society has set standards out for her. Throughout the entire movie you can see Princess Diana (AKA Wonder Woman) battling herself and others along the way; internally and physically. She challenges the way Steve Trevor instructs her and she pushes past his expectations and does her own thing. This is an excellent example of a woman in society despite the fact that it’s a movie, it still challenges our expectations. “One piece of advice that I received that I still implement today and tell others is that to accept who you are and know what drives you forward. For example, if you want to be a teacher, doctor, entrepreneur or business mogul — make sure you like what you’re doing, and how it drives you forward. Make sure years from now you will have no regrets choosing the field you did and constantly navigate through the hurdles. Always remember what drives you,” says Michelle Uhlhorn of Aquila Marketing.

Another great concept to keep in mind is to accept who you are and embrace it. Rather than being what society intended for you, find your place. That’s the only way strong women go forward and succeed with their dreams. Embrace all your characteristics with strength and weaknesses. Make sure that you carry yourself into whatever you do and represent it proudly. At Aquila Marketing, we know that if you’re motivated and hold your own in this world, you will have no trouble making it far!