29 Apr

Aquila Marketing Review the Importance of Customer Feedback

Successful businesses use a range of metrics to see how their business is performing throughout the year. These can include sales and revenue figures, or hits on a website or social media platform. One of the most important performance indicators of them all, however, is customer feedback. A recent study by Customer First Solutions, reported by DJS Research, showed how important customer feedback is to business success. Here, Aquila Marketing review the study, and look at how to acquire accurate customer feedback.

“Gaining customers is great, but keeping them loyal can be even more important”, said Michelle Uhlhorns, director of Aquila Marketing. “Finding out what a customer thinks, and understanding what they’re looking for, is the key to gaining repeat custom. In our social media age, your business needs customers who are going to sing your praises on Facebook and Twitter, not complain about how their expectations were disappointed.”

Lost custom can be a major drain on the resources of a business, as well as handing an advantage to their competitors. By not seeking their opinion, businesses could be contributing to their own downfall. The study shows that UK consumers like to be asked to give feedback. More than 50% of over 2,000 respondents said that they would be more likely to return to a shop that had given them bad service, if they were asked for their feedback afterwards.

Asking for feedback can also help to alleviate the modern problem of bad reviews being left on social media platforms. Respondents who had placed negative feedback on these sites, to be seen by potentially thousands of people at a time, say that they would have been less likely to do this if they had been given the chance to discuss their grievances with the retailer first. The clear indication of the study is that consumers like to interact directly with the retailers, and that they like to feel that their opinion is valued and listened to.

“This study clearly shows just how vital it is to seek customer feedback, to listen to it, and then act upon it”, said Michelle Uhlhorns. “The best way to do this is through face to face interaction. That’s why direct marketing can be such an effective market research solution, as well as a cost-effective advertising tool.”

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