10 May

Aquila Marketing Review the Value of LinkedIn

Social media is becoming ever more important. It’s not only changing the way people communicate with each other and the outside world, it’s transforming business too. LinkedIn is the premier business social media platform, and can prove an invaluable tool when used correctly. A recent report in Direct Marketing News looked at plans by LinkedIn to revamp its service. Here, Aquila Marketing review the report, and assess the importance of LinkedIn to businesses today.

“LinkedIn has been at the forefront of business social media since 2003, but they realise the need to innovate and improve their services”, said Michelle Uhlhorn, director of Aquila Marketing. “It shows that even well established businesses and market leaders can’t afford to rest on their laurels. Standing still isn’t an option in today’s business world.”


The report looks at how LinkedIn is making its Sales Navigator a premium service, rather than being free to all as it previously was. This second generation Sales Navigator will be a stand-alone product, making it accessible to more people than ever. Its use will be dependent upon paying a fee, and will require a separate sign in to that used for an existing LinkedIn account. The service itself has been substantially revamped and improved. It will now feature lead recommendations, and make searches easier and more powerful.


The positive response to the announcement made by LinkedIn’s Mike Derezin shows that people are prepared to pay money for online services as long as they trust the brand, and perceive a real benefit from the paid service. LinkedIn is continuing to look for ways to improve revenue streams. Its user base showed a sharp rise in the second quarter of 2014, up to 313 million from 296 million, but overall page views were down from 26.9 billion to 25.4 billion. By innovating its product, LinkedIn hopes to see this figure rise.


“Social media is a popular way to interact with consumers, but LinkedIn offers so much more than that”, said Michelle Uhlhorn. “Smart businesses use it as a tool to increase their profile, and find the right people that will drive their business forward. By engaging with LinkedIn in this way, a business can see real growth in revenue and awareness.”


Aquila Marketing are also renowned for helping businesses grow brand awareness, and increase revenue. Their contemporary twist on traditional marketing techniques is especially helpful for new entrepreneurs and fledgling businesses.