25 Sep

Aquila Marketing Explain the Role that Direct Marketing Plays in Attaining Goals

Good marketing firms ensure that delivery of promised results for clients occurs on a consistent basis. Great marketing firms not only do this, but also consult with clients on a regular basis to ensure the vision each part of the partnership has is aligned. With so many methods in which to communicate today, many marketing firms seem more disconnected than ever before from clients. Because of this, ensuring that consistent communication occurs about new and potential marketing strategies should be the top priority of marketing firms and agencies. Here, Aquila Marketing explain the role that direct marketing can play in attaining goals.

Much like with clients and marketing firms, a key component of long-term successful marketing involves personal connections and relationships with consumers.  Michelle Uhlhorn, Director of Aquila Marketing, explained that “the need for more intimate forms of marketing – largely possible through direct marketing strategies – can improve overall conversion rates and repeat business”. This approach can also more rapidly generate interest and sales for a particular business or brand with consumers, who may otherwise respond slowly or inconsistently via other forms of marketing. Michelle Uhlhorn elaborated on specific direct marketing strategies with clients to provide a more precise picture of the dynamic.

Another huge benefit that direct marketing provides to clients is the sheer cost savings associated with it. In many respects, direct marketing can cost a fraction of what some large-scale marketing efforts cost. In addition, providing products via retailers or wholesalers reduces the overall level of profit enjoyed by brands; direct marketing allows for the entire amount of profit to be collected by the manufacturer or service supplier. Aquila Marketing outlined with its clients how despite the lower response rates for many forms of direct marketing, there is still often a better return on investment due to lower overall costs of implementation.

As more and more brands seek marketing strategies and solutions that balance cost concerns with modern effectiveness, it becomes increasingly clear that some marketing firms are better positioned than others to deliver. Notable firms such as Aquila Marketing will continue to provide clients with a balanced approach in reaching consumers and shoppers, combining cutting-edge marketing strategies with tried and true forms of direct marketing. This diversified approach inevitably ensures a better return on investment, and such results can only be achieved via constant dialogues and interactions between firm and client.

14 Sep

Aquila Marketing Explain Why Brighton is a Great Place to Work

Marketing agencies from all across the world must be able to assess current events – as well as developing trends – in order to remain relevant as business entities. Specifically, the need to deliver for clients in an ever-changing marketing world must be on the forefront of each firm or agency’s mind when determining how best to execute long-term strategies. The deployment of new offices in cities throughout the UK is a careful and deliberate action that requires strong foresight and a solid business plan. Here, Aquila Marketing review why many firms and agencies now have an eye on Brighton for new office locations.

Aquila Marketing Director Michelle Uhlhorn explained recently why Brighton in particular makes sense for firms that wish to be close to multiple points of interest. “Being close to multiple metropolitan areas in South East England gives brands physical access to a variety of different markets and the clients within each”, she explained. “Portsmouth, Southampton and London are just three prominent examples of major metro areas within 100 km of Brighton”. Such relatively close access to these metropolitan areas makes it easy for marketing firms to meet with an array of different clients on demand.

Firms that choose to locate in a city like Brighton, however, enjoy other benefits that make it more attractive than being inside larger metropolitan areas. The cost of living and the cost of office space are both substantially cheaper than in larger metropolitan areas. This combination of close proximity and lower overheads explains why Aquila Marketing and other leading firms continue to eye this city and establish offices within it.

Creativity and a relaxed atmosphere are both valued in the world of marketing as elements needed to create better working conditions and outcomes for employees and clients alike. Aquila Marketing understands how office space and location can affect day-to-day operations for its clients, which is why it believes that a location such as Brighton provides superior amenities in this regard. Firms that maintain offices in smaller locales and in specific areas that provide access to natural scenery can add incentive with respect to clients visiting a physical office.

Leading firms in the marketing industry continue to analyse a variety of cities throughout the country in search of new possibilities and opportunities. With dozens of metrics to consider in terms of advantages and disadvantages, Aquila Marketing and other industry influencers will continue to keep an eye on future opportunities for expansion in cities with a wide variety of amenities.