1.    Why should you outsource your marketing functions to Aquila Marketing? 

Aquila Marketing believes that direct marketing provides a more personal connection between our customers and clients. Indirect marketing (Telemarketing, Television ads, Billboards, etc) lacks the face-to-face contact that customer’s desire. We believe our customers want to do business with a friendly face and a smile, which is what we provide.

2.    Is there career progression at Aquila Marketing?

100% Yes. All managers started out as Account Representative and Management Trainees and followed a clearly defined career path that took them to where they are today. On average, employees advance to a management position in 5 to 8 months. An exceptional work ethic, a great student mentality, and an overall eagerness to succeed will allow an individual to advance more rapidly.

3.    Is Aquila Marketing planning to go International?

100% Yes. Here are a few countries we have clients ready for us: Australia, Europe, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, USA ad Netherlands.