‘I’m 22 years old and was born and raised in South East London. I never did A levels or decide to go to university as carrying on education wasn’t for me so I made a decision that I wanted to follow my passion of music and went away to Kavos in Corfu to DJ for 6 months at the age of just 17. I then did that for the following 3 summers and then made a decision that I needed to find a career. Before starting at Aquila Marketing I was in a job that the progression and promotion time was 4-5 years so looking and being inspired by people in those positions made me realise I was ready for a change so I looked around and found Aquila, I done my research and the thought of developing new attributes, evolving as a person, learning new skills achieving goals, becoming successful etc made me realise that this is the next challenge to face. After starting working with Aquila I realised the opportunity I had been given so I set myself some short term goals in which these goals have allowed me to learn, develop and progress within the programme to overcome the next hurdle. My ambition is to help open up 5 offices in the UK and then focus on helping Aquila go international. This is something I really believe in and giving your best effort it will change your life.’