‘”Let it shine. Shine within you so that it can shine on someone else. Let your light shine”
Oprah Winfrey

‘Grew up in Przecza, small village in Poland. Worked in my family’s farm from a young age and helped sell our produce locally. However I have always had a creative streak. My grandpa inspired me to take up art and later I pursued my love of the theatre.
My formal education concluded in me doing my Masters in Psychology, which helped satisfy my curiosity in understanding others and myself. The common thread in my experiences growing up was people. I have a passion for understanding and nurturing relationships with others. Leaving University I looked for any opportunity to gain experience in the working world, which led me to business development. I believe in hard work and self-determination. My self-belief is the engine that drives me to succeed. Business development gave me an outlet to progress and grow. I quickly setup my own company in Poznan before being head hunted to as a sales manager for Monarch movements. I helped to manage the offices in Katowice and Krakow before taking that leap in moving to England and the London office. Throughout my career to date I feel my core value has been centered on working with people. But more than that I am an entrepreneur and businesswoman. I derive satisfaction not only in my success but the success in others. Sharing my experience and then in turn watching others grow is a great source of personal pride for me. I grasp with both hands any opportunity to train, develop and mentor others. Being a great leader, seeing people achieve their own goals and personal fulfillment is a great source of joy and pride for me. My goals for the future are to continue my journey and progression. Live every moment, as it is the only thing I have. In 2018 we are going to grow the organization rapidly. With great clients we are looking for world-class partners to build empire. I am the architect of my future. I will create and develop my business in years to come.’