‘My name is Kurren Patel, I’m 23 years old and was born in South London. I’m currently a leader in the Leicester office. I’m currently at Newcastle university and studied law and criminology. I’m currently taking a gap year from studies as I am wanting to open up my own company once I have finished. I am working with Aquila to gain valuable business experience.

As I was growing up I was really into playing football. I was always playing for local teams, school teams and even had trials at Watford football club when I was 7 but that didn’t work out. Even though I never let that stop me as I have a passion for the sport. I moved from London to Leicester when I was 14 years old due to change of careers for my parents.

I also worked in business banking for HSBC and I didn’t enjoy it. I needed a career rather than having a job.

That’s when I came across the opportunity at Aquila Marketing. I came into this opportunity not knowing what it involved and when I came in for my observation day I was nervous but excited. I learnt so much just on the observation day that I was so eager to start. When I started I thought that this was a new challenge but it’s a challenge that I am willing to accept. It was hard for me to grasp the sales aspect of the business as I have never ever done sales in my life. I wasn’t the best at it but I was always willing to learn and the support and training was great. Joining Aquila was one of the best decisions of my life as it helps you achieve your goals and visions.

My mission is to have the worlds best team with our Money Expert client and have an organisation that will be the best in the world.

“You should train your team so good that they could work anywhere in the world… Then treat them so good that they would never want to” – B. Parker’