My name is Panos, I am from Cyprus I came to Leicester 5 years ago in order to study Accounting and Finance which I did. During my university years i was involved in different activities like playing football for my university, I organised student nights and I was involved in different societies. After graduating I didn’t know what I wanted to do as I couldn’t see myself in the Accounting industry, I was seeking for something challenging that would help me develop as an individual and help me achieve great things in life which I would be remembered for. I always looked up on people who manage to achieve and become whatever they wanted in their life with very little and the only thing they had was the belief and the patience. After I started working in Aquila I could see that this job could give me everything I wanted in life and it would make me gain as much experience as possible. I realised that the opportunities were huge and all I had to do is work hard to achieve my goals. Looking in the future I want to become an inspiration and be able to help others to become and achieve what they want.

‘ Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after will be sunshine ‘ Jack Ma