‘I grew up in Leicester within the town of Oadby. At a young age I was always surrounded by a large family. Being of similar ages with a small age gap we were always found together causing chaos playing or working hard in our education. After all our parents understanding of building a life stemmed from hard work, a great education, a good job and that’s life! Everything else was as a result of this. I had always been one to set the trend in my family and do something different, whether it be travel, learning how to cook or just updating my ambitions and hobbies. However, somewhere along the line I bought into what my parents said in the wrong way, interpreting it as settling for someone else’s vision and goal. At 30, I have been lucky enough to live a good life and saved for my future but things had to change. This is when I found Aquila Marketing. It has taught me a lot by breaking down some bad habits I had gathered. I truly believe this company is for everyone whatever they want to take from it. Being around others with big dreams and aspirations has allowed me to take a chance, give things a go and start building something of my own for the future. Deep down only I will know when this journey comes to an end, but I will never regret the decision to join Aquila.’