‘”Have always full confidence in your skills. With your audacity and ambition you can overcome your talent.” Bruce Lee

‘Born in a big Italian family at the feet of the Alps.
I learned to speak 4 different languages and I managed to spend a two month time in Japan where I had the opportunity to learn not only the culture, but live with a family and learn a bit of language.
I studied Business Management through double degree diploma in University of Turin, Italy and University Sophia Antipolis, Nice. I’ve had the opportunity to build my professional experience in a multinational company as Sales Account Support, working for French and Italian clients in the automotive field. My biggest challenge was being the ambassador for the European Youth Parliament during the XXIV Italian national session. My biggest lesson comes from cross country ski competitions training, where my father taught me how to focus on goals and how to push myself to go one step further all the time. Most recently I decided to take a trip over to England to develop myself once again. This is where I started to work in direct sales and marketing field sales role in London, UK. What excites me the most is to have a clear progression path opportunity and to work with highly motivated and ambitious people. My focus now is to learn how to overcome fears and weaknesses to become the best version of myself.’